Hello, and welcome to Harienju, a linkware graphic resource website largely based on offering premade website layouts and icons. This website was created on December 8, 2005 by yours truly, Vii (previously and possibly currently known as Hieica). Linkware means that the graphic content is free for any visitors to download and use, so long as the credit links remain intact. This website is run by an adult, and therefore is guaranteed to contain foul language and some softer adult content, an example of which would be yaoi/slash - as in same sex love depictions. Before browsing, be sure to check out the Terms of Use to ensure you don't break any of my rules. Afterward, feel free to browse around Hari and have fun doing so~ When exiting, please refer to the bottom of the page to find my affiliates ♥

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- Added a new DIV layout, ID #26
- Added a new DIV layout, ID #25
- Added 2 animanga wallpapers
- Added 22 animanga icons
- Added 2 music icons

Hello again darlings! Today I bring you goodies!! :D First of all, you may notice a sliiiiiiiiight change to Hari's layout. And by slight, I mean I totally changed it. Because the old one started to really bother me. And I like this one so much more xD It features a lovely image of Sakito of the band Nightmare. I wanted to get back to what Hari was originally about - dark, grungy, and jrock. I got rid of the "Featured Design" section because... it was annoying and ugly. And sometimes the design really clashed with Hari's own layout and that is simply no fun.

I've been experimenting with using my old style of design and integrating it into my new coding. I've been super nostalgic lately, and the designs I made in my old style were always my favorites. Since I lost all evidence of those old designs, I decided to recreate my style :) Think of it as "going retro" xD I'm also super excited because I made Hari a new favicon, which is a black locust tree blossom. Get it? Get it? Harienju = black locust tree :x Also, it appears that some of my affiliates' sites are closed, so I removed them from the list for now. Should you guys reopen or have moved and forgot to tell me, I will gladly add you back :)

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