I hate using the term "apply" when it comes to being affiliates, but I can't think of a better word to use :/ Anyway, I'm not going to give you some huge list of elitist rules you must follow at all times just for me to affiliate with you. I'm just looking for people who have similar interests as me and who can operate on the same level as me.

However, as a possible future affiliate of mine, I have to tell you this: I am an absolutely awful affiliate xD; I am terrible at keeping in touch with people, and you have to have some super amount of patience if you want to talk to me. I'm trying really hard to be better at keeping in touch with people, but I do have a life outside of the 'net that interferes with Hari. A lot. If you have no problem with this, then you're the perfect affiliate for me :D

Just drop me a line at hieica[at] if you're interested ♥


Jenny of Asteria
Jenny has some of the most amazing blending skills I've ever seen o.o (Is it still called blending? *is out of the loop durhur*) Her website provides mainly tutorials and textures, and they are incredibly useful for design resources. Go visit her website nowwwww! :D
Mei Zhu of Frozen Rain
BAM SPARKLES IN YOUR FACE. Mei Zhu is so magical, sparkles follow her wherever she goes. Mei is a great, amazing person and designer and I absolutely adore her ♥ She is the reason I am still here, and she is always ready to help me out with anything. *cuddles*
Aquila of (inky);paper
Aquila is one of those designers who never ceases to amaze me with her work. I love the style and colors of... well, everything she offers, and I use her brushes and textures for my icons, so you know her resources are awesome if I use them xD Go visit! ♥
Rykea & Kyuu of Invisus
I've always admired both Kyuu and Rykea for their design prowess, and they are always a source of inspiration to me. Each of them have their own distinct style, and somehow it blends together to be Invisus. They definitely deserve a million visits ♥
Mija of Mija's Malice
Mija is a design community veteran like myself :'D She has such great and unique web design skills, and she is capable of applying those skills to multiple outlets. She is incredibly talented and deserves a boatload of visits so get on over there! :)
Cali of Sonatina Designs
I've kind of stalked Cali's design site like a creeper for a while, so I was super excited when we became affiliates :3 She has this amazing and unique style, colorful and clean and fun and somehow nostalgic all at the same time. If any website is worth visiting, hers is it! :)