Terms of Service

In order for one such as yourself to use any of the layouts/icons/wallpapers/etc. on this website, you must read and follow these rules:

1. No thievery. You cannot take anything from here (such as tany of the premades, and Harienju's layout itself) and claim it as your own.
2. Do not remove the credit link. This one is pretty self-explanatory.
3. Direct-linking is entirely prohibited. Direct-linking or hot-linking is when you link directly to an image on this server from your own website (myspace, livejournal, etc. are included).
4. Icons and wallpapers may not have obvious watermarks, but you are still not allowed to steal them and claim them as your own.
5. When using any icons on any website (including your personal website[s], or any free server, or any server at all for that matter), you must link back to Harienju to show where you got the icon from.
6. New. Do not take my premades and edit their appearance to your liking. If you know enough about HTML to change it, make your own fucking code.