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Hi! Oh my god o.o Two consecutive monthly updates!? NO WAY. Hieica actually got off her bum and made more content for Harienju! o.o She must have free time, yes, that must be it. So yes! Feel my enthusiasm!

*/end ridiculousness*

Additions? Why, here they are:
- One new DIV layout, ID #032
- Another new DIV layout, ID #033
- One new Actor Wallpaper ID #002
- Another new Actor Wallpaper ID #003
- Eight new actor icons

Oh, and all of the content features Yamamoto Yusuke. All of it, I kid you not. And expect more of him soon, like in an edit to this update or something xD Mostly because I love him and am in the process of making a tribute type thing to him, which is actually underway and actually getting somewhere (as opposed to most of my tribute type things). If you want to see, proceed this way~. The media section has everything I have uploaded here, and the Yusuke section is more or less completed except for character Analyses? Plural for analysis, anyone? xD;

I will continue to shamelessly plug my own online comic again xD; Thank you, and good night! :D

Edit: More additions :3 *is on a roll?*
- One new DIV layout, ID #034
- Another new DIV layout, ID #035
- Six new actor icons
- Seven new animanga icons

Hieica died @ 11:49 PM on 07/14/09
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