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Welcome to yet another premade tables layout by yours truly, Hieica. ^.^ This layout features the loveable villians Lady and Killer from Shadow Hearts 3 (Shadow Hearts: From the New World), a slightly boring (compared to the one before it) but at the same time funny, entertaining, and sad video game. This layout uses interesting little tidbits from The Fifth Muse. It's a very weird, not-like-Hieica-style layout... but I like it ^.^;;

This is the box. Instead of this layout being entirely tables, I wanted to make it look slightly table-y, so instead of this being called "content", it's term is "box". It can be used for updates or whatever you want, or you can just never use it at all. ^.^;;


So, feel free to do whatever you want. ^.^ Have fun, chickadees~!



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